A Senator. A blackmail plot. The dark side of a media empire.

Former CIA operative Mac Ambrose has spent twenty years protecting her country from overseas threats. Now she’s focused on adjusting to civilian life and her new relationship in Philadelphia. The last thing she needs is to get pulled in to ‘fix’ another national problem.

But events conspire against her. A friend begs for help: a popular, independent Senator is in trouble so deep that it threatens the very democratic institutions Mac has so vigorously defended. A reluctant Mac soon uncovers a menacing blackmail plot emanating from a media conglomerate in New York City.

In the New York neighborhood of Alphabet City, an unflappable FBI agent stumbles across a disturbing discovery—a private investigator has started surveilling a 24-hour cable news network in Times Square.

Unnerved by Mac’s unofficial homecoming, the Mandarins in Langley dispatch a toughened Agency operative to track her down.

Mac’s operation, the FBI investigation, and Langley’s hunt are swiftly engulfed in a race to untangle a complex conspiracy with dire consequences.

Gritty politics, dark conspiracies, personal atonement and a dash of zeitgeist combine into one satisfyingly intricate novel that only an insider could have written.

Ghosts in Macau (A Mac Ambrose Novella)

by H.N. Wake

Shadows Can Be Perilous 

Why is a the young mistress of a senior Chinese military leader under constant guard?

What intelligence is she offering?  Based on a cryptic note from the US Embassy in Beijing, Mac Ambrose is called back to duty by Langley for a last-minute, rapid assignment.  To uncover the mystery, Mac will have to trust her wits and intuition to look past Macau's glitter, into the shadows.  And she'll be forced to rely on grit to get the job done.

(This is a short story of 60+ pages, it's about a 90-minute read.  As Stephen King once said, "A short story is a different thing all together - a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger. ) 

​​​​​​​H.N. WAKE

Panama City, super yachts, a Russian oligarch, and a hurricane.

The Russians are moving in on the United States.  A war is on the horizon.  Langley quietly reaches out to former CIA operative Mac Ambrose, “Your country needs you.”  Reluctant to leave her newly created life, but loyal and fiercely determined, Mac agrees to an off-the-books mission to find a weakness in Russian oligarch Victor Rementin’s defenses.  The risks soon multiply. 

This is a short story of 50+ pages and about a 90-minute read--perfect for that free night or lunch time.

Serpents in the City (A Mac Ambrose Novel)

by H.N. Wake

Eye of the Tempest (A Mac Ambrose Novella)

by H.N. Wake

​​​A Spy Came Home (A Mac Ambrose Novel)

by H.N. Wake


​The Anonymous Make History

A mission. A conspiracy. Two veteran agents face-off in a daring cat-and-mouse game that could change the nation.

Gritty, gutsy Mac Ambrose is a twenty-year veteran of the CIA with a penchant for risk-taking and a strong moral conscience. She is recruited by her closest friends to run a dangerous domestic operation: bring down the powerful gun lobby so the Senate can pass new legislation. In four weeks. 

From Washington’s corridors of power, to Kentucky’s rolling hills and New Orleans’s wealthy suburbs, Mac baits the snares for a corrupt lawmaker, an unscrupulous lobbyist, and a crooked gun manufacturer. From a safe house in Philadelphia, she begins to rebuild the life--and to reconnoiter the love--forsaken years ago in the name of national security.

But Cal Bertrand, the dogged ATF agent with a checkered past and a lot to prove, is hot on her trail. Will he uncover Mac and the conspiracy before the traps go off? 

Corruption, sabotage, and intrigue combine into one gratifyingly taut and intricate novel that could only have been written by an insider..   More...

Deceits of Borneo (A Mac Ambrose Novel)

by H.N. Wake

A race to expose the deadly secrets of powerful interests.

Haunted by her last mission, CIA operative Mac Ambrose craves a fresh start. But a call from Langley interrupts her undercover assignment at Legion Bank--a fellow spy is missing.  

With the help of an activist, Mac plunges into Borneo’s rainforest to investigate. Soon entangled in a conspiracy of international finance, environmental destruction and national security, how far will she go to help a friend right his wrongs?

Murder, greed, betrayal and redemption combine into one gratifyingly taut and intricate novel that could have been written only by an insider.​